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Dr. Jungmin Lee’s research on red blotch virus of grape in Idaho was one of the top accomplishments for ARS in 2020! Magnificent work, Dr. Lee!

Read about Dr. Lee’s work here.

Congratulations to Dr. Walt Mahaffee, Alex Wong, and the entire Mahaffee Lab & FRAME Network on your article in American Vineyard Magazine about the UV-C work!

HCRU in the News! Visit the webpage covering our New Blackberries here!

Some of the students who play a vital role in our unit our graduating, and we just want to honor them and say… (flyer attached)


Nik Grünwald aided in the success of developing a highly detailed genetic tracking method of Agrobacterium! Read all about it here!

April 12, 2020 – ARSX Finalists!

Congratulations to our ARSX Finalists Man-yeon Choi, Nik Grünwald and Jana Lee!

Learn more about ARSX here!

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