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Learning is a continuous part of life and we strive to teach and learn with others.

Here you can find when our research talks and outreach events that are happening or recent ones we have participated in.

We will provide links below as we are able to, thank you for your understanding!

  • Jerry Weiland – Scouting for Boxwood Blight
    This video details how to find boxwood blight in commercial nurseries. The tips for scouting this disease are relatively universal, so they can be used at almost any nursery when searching for boxwood blight! Below is the link to the demonstration video in both English and Spanish. English Demonstration Video Spanish Demonstration Video
  • Robert Martin – Luteovirus in Blueberries
    Last week, Bob Martin gave a talk on a new luteovirus in blueberries at the International Vaccinium Symposium! If you’re interested in learning more, click the video below to watch Bob give his talk.

  • HCRU Winter Post-Doc Seminar Series

    The HCRU graduate student/post-doc committee organized another seminar series to highlight new post-docs in the Unit. The first seminar will take place on Wednesday, January 13, 2021.

    This will take place via Zoom! Click on the link below for a PDF with more information about this cool series!

    Winter Post-Doc Seminar Series, 2021

Paul Schreiner is working on improving the Pinot noir wine grapes’ yield per acre for the growers by altering the most common Pinot noir training system. Read about it here!!

May 1, 20202020 BPP Graduate Student Spring Research Symposium

Congratulations to Gabe Sacher and Alex Wong for both receiving the Best Student Talk Award at the 2020 BPP Graduate Student Spring Research Symposium.

Gabe presented his research proposal entitled “Phytophthora root rot and boxwood blight: Addressing two important diseases of the broadleaf evergreen nursery industry”.

Alex presented his research proposal entitled “Improving characterization and integrative pest management practices to mitigate fungicide resistance in grape powdery mildew and botrytis”.

Both of their talks, as well as the other graduate student research presentations, can be viewed at the following links from the Botany Plant Pathology YouTube channel:

May 1, 2020 – 2nd Annual Graduate Student Celebration

Congratulations to our Botany & Plant Pathology graduate students on a great job presenting their research proposals at the 2nd Annual Graduate Student Celebration!

  • Michelle Soule presents her proposal to develop a quantitative molecular assay for root knot nematode identification
  • Gabe Sacher presents his proposal on learning more about important diseases of nursery crops
  • Alex Wong presents his proposal on integrated pest management of diseases in grapes

April 16, 2020Walt Mahaffee’s seminar “Rollers, Wakes, and Vortices- oh my! Turbulent transport of particles in sparse canopies” as part of the OSU Botany and Plant Pathology spring seminar series

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