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We are working to improve communication with our community, so we have begun creating flyers to share information about some of the cool things we do! You will be able to find the flyers here.

Our most recent flyers are at the top and the previous follows chronologically downward.

13 – Man-yeon Choi and Kelly Donahue – RNAi for Western Flower Thrips Control

12 – Jayden Christman and Gina Flores – Our New Program Support Assistant

11 – Man-yeon Choi and Kelly Donahue – Grey Garden Slugs

10 – Jesse Carroll and Dave Bryla – Pulsed Drip Irrigation and Red Raspberries

9 – Michael Hardigan and Jayden Christman – Michael Hardigan, Our New Post-Doc

8 – Nik Grünwald and Zach Foster – Fungal Communities among Rhododendrons

6 – Finn, Peterson, Lee, Bassil, and Martin – Celestial Blackberries: ‘Twilight’

5 – Finn, Peterson, Lee, Bassil, and Martin – Celestial Blackberries: ‘Galaxy’

4 – Finn, Peterson, Lee, Bassil, and Martin – Celestial Blackberries: ‘Eclipse’

3 – Katerina Velasco-Graham, recent OSU Master’s Graduate – Azalea Lace Bug

2 – Gabriel Sacher, OSU Graduate Student – Boxwood Blight

1 – Inga Zasada and Jayden Christman – Dr. Inga Zasada, Our New Research Leader

Unit Happenings

We want you to be up-to-date with all the fun things that have been happening in our unit! Feel free to reach out to us for more information.

IN SEARCH OF (ISO): Postdoctoral Scholar(s)

Know someone or you are someone who is looking for a postdoctoral research position then check out or position below!

JOB DESCRIPTION – Postdoctoral Scholar with The Department of Botany and Plant Pathology (Weiland)

JOB DESCRIPTION – Postdoctoral Research Plant Pathologist (Stockwell)

Some of the students who play a vital role in our unit our graduating, and we just want to honor them and say… (flyer attached)


Nik Grünwald aided in the success of developing a highly detailed genetic tracking method of Agrobacterium! Read all about it here!

April 12, 2020 – ARSX Finalists!

Congratulations to our ARSX Finalists Man-yeon Choi, Nik Grünwald and Jana Lee!

Learn more about ARSX here!

Research Talks & Outreach

Learning is a continuous part of life and we strive to teach and learn with others- here you can find when our research talks and outreach events are happening or recent ones we have partook in.

We will provide links below as we are able to, thank you for your understanding!

May 1, 20202020 BPP Graduate Student Spring Research Symposium

Congratulations to Gabe Sacher and Alex Wong for both receiving the Best Student Talk Award at the 2020 BPP Graduate Student Spring Research Symposium.

Gabe presented his research proposal entitled “Phytophthora root rot and boxwood blight: Addressing two important diseases of the broadleaf evergreen nursery industry”.

Alex presented his research proposal entitled “Improving characterization and integrative pest management practices to mitigate fungicide resistance in grape powdery mildew and botrytis”.

Both of their talks, as well as the other graduate student research presentations, can be viewed at the following links from the Botany Plant Pathology YouTube channel:

May 1, 2020 – 2nd Annual Graduate Student Celebration

Congratulations to our Botany & Plant Pathology graduate students on a great job presenting their research proposals at the 2nd Annual Graduate Student Celebration!

  • Michelle Soule presents her proposal to develop a quantitative molecular assay for root knot nematode identification
  • Gabe Sacher presents his proposal on learning more about important diseases of nursery crops
  • Alex Wong presents his proposal on integrated pest management of diseases in grapes

April 16, 2020Walt Mahaffee’s seminar “Rollers, Wakes, and Vortices- oh my! Turbulent transport of particles in sparse canopies” as part of the OSU Botany and Plant Pathology spring seminar series


You’ll be able to find all of our recent publications easily and in one spot- right here!


Celestial blackberry series – ‘Twilight’


The Role of Neurohormones of Brown Marmorated Stink Bug

Celestial blackberry series – ‘Galaxy’

Perlite in soil-less media could be detrimental in blueberry


Celestial blackberry series – ‘Eclipse’

Clonal lineage – First report in Indiana!

Fungal evolution in human environments

Reemergence of powdery mildew in the the Western U.S.

Salt water and fungi – Impacts on basil

Earlier in 2020

Surviving the variations – Rhododendron roots

Biochar promotes plant growth and soil health in blueberries

What’s really in your açai products? – authentication by anthocyanin

Electrifying nematodes and pathogens!

Cover crop effects on soil properties in red raspberry

Plastic mulches improve growth of summer-planted red raspberry

Supercore strawberries- resistance to soilborne pathogens

Comparison of Botrytis cinerea populations from China

Identifying and updating Rhododendron root rot

Rating standards for black raspberry plants

Through the depth of the grapevine – mycorrhizal fungi communities

Pinot noir potassium requirements

Timing of calcium accumulation in blueberries

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