We create flyers each month to share information with you about the cool things we do at the HCRU!

Our most recent flyers are at the top and the previous flyers follow chronologically downward. Click on the title you’re interested in to learn more!

5 – Introducing our New Small Fruits Virologist, Dimitre Mollov

This flyer introduces a new employee to the Horticultural Crops Research Unit, Dr. Dimitre Mollov. This flyer gives some background on Dr. Mollov and projects he has been part of in the past. Dr. Mollov is the HCRU’s new small fruit virologist and we are excited to work with him and share this news! USDAContinue reading “5 – Introducing our New Small Fruits Virologist, Dimitre Mollov”

4 – Dr. Cedar Hesse, Bioinformatics

This flyer re-introduces a current employee of the HCRU, Dr. Cedar Hesse! Cedar has recently begun providing bioinformatic support to our small fruit community within the HCRU as a Category 3 scientist. Congratulations, Cedar! USDA Innovations 2021-4

3 – Meet Dr. Devin Rippner

This flyer introduces one of our newest community members, Devin Rippner! Devin will be joining our USDA-ARS community in Prosser, WA as our new research viticulture soil scientist. We are excited to have Devin on our team! USDA Innovations 2021-3

16 – UV-C versus Powdery Mildew

This flyer will teach you a little bit about the use of Ultraviolet spectrum C radiation (UV-C) and chemical management to test their control of powdery mildew (if you don’t already know it)! USDA Innovations 2020-16

12 – Gina Flores, Our New Program Support Assistant

As many of you might know, Gina Flores has been working remotely for our unit since May 10, 2020. She officially started working for us in-office (& then continued remotely) the second week of June. So we figured it was finally about time that we make a flyer to introduce her! USDA Innovations 2020-12

11 – Grey Garden Slugs

For this flyer we would like to share with you the agricultural problem of grey garden slugs. Research was performed by Research Entomologist Dr. Man-yeon Choi, his lead lab technician Kelly Donahue, and with the help of their team! USDA Innovations 2020-11

4 – Celestial Blackberries: ‘Eclipse’

This flyer is the first of a “mini-series” we’re doing that focuses on something a little new and fun, celestial blackberries! Specifically on our ‘eclipse’ blackberry! These are new innovations with the USDA and we’re so happy to share our product with you! USDA Innovations 2020-4

3 – Azalea Lace Bug

Here is a quick-read flyer for you about some research one of our graduate students (who recently graduated with their Master’s!), Katerina Velasco-Graham, has been conducting. It focuses on a well-known pest, Azalea Lace Bug. USDA Innovations 2020-3

2 – Boxwood Blight

This flyer is about some research one of our graduate students, Gabriel Sacher, has been performing. It focuses on boxwood blight in the Willamette Valley. USDA Innovations 2020-2

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