Jungmin Lee – FY 2020 ARS Annural Report on Science Feature

Attached is a PDF extracted from the FY 2020 ARS Annual Report on Science that displays the Lee team’s feature about grapevine red blotch virus in Idaho. Grapevine Red Blotch Virus Feature To find more information and stories about other features in the report, please visit the link at the bottom of the page. AllContinue reading “Jungmin Lee – FY 2020 ARS Annural Report on Science Feature”

Man-Yeon Choi – New Technology: RECEPTOR-i, Safer than Pesticides

This article informs the public of a new technology in the pest-control field. This new tech, “receptor interference” (RECEPTOR-i), was recently discovered by USDA’s ARS scientists, including our very own Man-yeon Choi. This article focuses on the technology’s ability to control and keep away fire ants while being safer than pesticides. Read all about itContinue reading “Man-Yeon Choi – New Technology: RECEPTOR-i, Safer than Pesticides”

Jerry Weiland – Scouting for Boxwood Blight

This video details how to find boxwood blight in commercial nurseries. The tips for scouting this disease are relatively universal, so they can be used at almost any nursery when searching for boxwood blight! Below is the link to the demonstration video in both English and Spanish. English Demonstration Video Spanish Demonstration Video